The Food

Mediterranean & Vegetarian Turkish Cuisine, by most accounts, is most sensuous. By virtue of its earthiness, the fact that the finest and freshest ingredients are prepared from scratch not a minute before you order. them, the real beauty is in the food's content and flavor, which comes from thousands of years of understanding its wants and needs and what suits it best to savor in the taste of those who order the food.

The Meal

The perfect Mediterranean meal is a sensuous experience equaled by none.
From the moment the eye catches the food and matches it to its surroundings, till the moment the smell senses are activated by the fresh taste of the meal, the end result is sure to be savored by their guests. That is their guarantee to you, their guests in their home.

Mediterranean food spans Yemen in the South and the Black Sea from the shores of Turkey in the North; Iran in the East and Egypt in the West, and continues with those countries lapping the Mediterranean ending in Spain and Morocco.

The Mezes (Appetizers)

The food they serve comes from thousands of years of arduous preparation aimed to understand natural food preservation. Grape leaves, for example, used to be picked in the middle of the season, when the pH-level was suited for the taste of the filling content (first press olive and lemon mix). Back then, the leaves would be individually cleaned and stacked in salt water to preserve them. Nowadays, the tradition continues with each fresh leaf being wrapped with the home-made mix that savors the taste and reminds their guest of how the food and the earth that grows it are still naturally connected.

The Desserts

From phyllo-dough based pastries (baklava and lady fingers) to imported Italian Tiramisou or a sip of Part wine dessert, the mediterranean meal is only complete once the sweet tooth craving has been satisfied.